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Hair and make up

Poseidon remake will sink without trace says star of the original ...
Glasgow Daily Record, UK - 13 hours ago
... She explains: "You got up at 5 am and drove to the 20th Century Fox studios to get into hair and make-up. The make-up people would ...
Glamour: not all it's glammed up to be
Seattle Times, United States - 11 hours ago
... Hair and makeup were elevated to art forms ... to find themselves in the '60s and '70s, the movies went crawling back to glamour in the '90s and begged to make up. ...
Casanova's young woes
Leeds Today, UK - 5 hours ago
... Children seem to be much older than their years now and with their hair straighteners, make-up and skimpy clothes, some of these little girls look like mini ...
Dressed to a "T", CA - 17 minutes ago
No, this goes well beyond your standard contrived-casual-hair-in-a-ponytail-full-face-of-make-up-weekend-track-suite look. Trust ...
Monica Bellucci was one of a host of glamorous stars raising the ..., UK - 6 hours ago
... "It was tricky, but it was exciting shooting in Versailles," says director Sofia, "getting into the 18th century clothes, and the hair and make-up took a long ...

The Standard
Souring of a glamour puss
The Standard, Hong Kong - 50 minutes ago
... to the front office if you wanted something as real as having your hair mussed ... 70s, the movies went crawling back to glamour in the '90s and begged to make up. ...
... Another pal, Josh McGuire, was less forgiving. Josh, a hair and make-up artist, said: "He has a big hang-up that clearly goes back to his childhood. ...
Smokehouse to RocK Celebration
Juneau Empire (subscription), AK - 3 hours ago
... She was a tribe member in Perseverance Theatre's recent production of "Hair" and had two solos: "Walking in Space" and "Easy to be ... "I'm going to make up my own ...

News 14 Charlotte
Katharine Congratulates '39-Year-Old' Taylor, Calls Meat Loaf Duet ... - 9 hours ago
... He's like the guy who sung in a bar and has gray hair and he's 29 ... Those are things that make up the American dream and "American Idol." You know how they always ...
Taylor Hicks crowned 'Idol' winner Globe and Mail
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Post-divorce women blossom
Bradenton Herald,  United States - 11 hours ago
... "I said to myself 'I've got children that are looking up to me ... are relying on me to know we're strong and we're going to make it through ... She grew out her hair. ...


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