Hawaii Culture Art

Hawaii’s Most Wonderful Cultural Experiences

Visitors of Hawaii are sure to soak up some of the islands’ fantastic culture. Locals would gladly impart their knowledge as well as explain the Hawaiian traditions to their guests. Listed here are some of the best things that a traveler should do before leaving the state in order to imbibe the Hawaiian spirit:


Get Hold of a Lei in Honolulu’s Chinatown

There are a variety of cultural sights and activities that tourists would find in the Chinatown of Honolulu. It houses several exotic shops that provide a selection of herbs, Chinese groceries as well as various services such as acupuncture. Guests should also take a look at the wonderful lei vendors found on the Maunakea Street, which is where one would find the finest leis in the whole of Hawaii.


Experience Traditional Storytelling, Local Song and Dance Performances

The Twilight at Kalahuipua'a is a monthly festivity that depicts the Hawaiian culture. The celebration transpires on the Mauna Lani Bay Resort in Big Island and it showcases Hawaiian singing, dancing, and storytelling. These actually traces back to the olden times of Hawaii wherein families in a community would gather to sing, dance and tell stories to each other.


Watch a Hula Performance

Tourists should drop by the Bishop Museum in Oahu to a savor an authentic hula presentation. The museum boasts of fantastic performances during weekdays. Travelers could also go to the House without a Key in Halekulani during sunset so that they could be dazzled by a beautiful hula dance under an ancient Kiawe tree. Guests who happen to be on the Big Island on the week after Easter Sunday should attend the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival. This is the most important and largest hula event in the whole state. Visitors who are in Hawaii during the month of May should also stop at the Papohaku Beach Park in Molokai. This is where the Molokai Ka Hula Piko Festival would take place and it is an entire day dedicated for honoring the hula, particularly on Molokai where the dance was invented.


Go to a Hawaiian Church Service 

Oahu’s Kawaiahao Church is a popular place in Hawaii. The entrance hall is actually dotted with various portraits of the monarchs of Hawaii. Majority of the monarchs was in fact crowned in the Kawaiahao church. This coral structure is an ideal setting for the tourists to participate in an all-Hawaiian church service. The services ensue every Sunday at 9 in the morning and the songs are also in Hawaiian. The church does not charge any admission fee and is open to the public.


Drop by the Most Holy Temple in Ancient Hawaii

On the Big Island’s Kohala Coast, there exists the oldest, biggest, and most revered religious place, which is the Mo'okini Heiau. It is a huge three-storey temple made of stone and dates back to 480 AD. The temple was formerly used by monarchs to meditate as well as present their human sacrifices. This massive temple was consecrated to Ku, which is the God of War in Hawaii and those who want to peacefully reflect would be able to do so here.


The culture of Hawaii is deeply rooted from what they have gone through as a state. Their people have retained their cultural values and they proudly share their experiences with tourists. When travelers visit Hawaii, it is also important to take in some of the magnificent cultural experiences that can be found in this rich state.